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  1. Build Your Confidence: Research shows that increased self value is related to improved mental health.
  2. Move Your Body: Research shows that regular physical activity can enhance wellbeing and boost mood. Check with your physician to determine the activities that are right for you.
  3. Manage Stress: We all have stress. Explore the nature of your stressors and learn how to bring yourself relief.
  4. Identify and Deal with your Moods: Mood fluctuations are natural for humans. However, sometimes varying moods can interfere with daily functioning and prevent you from the quality of life you want.
  5. Laugh! Research shows that laughing creates chemical changes in the brain that can raise mood and relieve stress.
  6. Help Someone in Need: Volunteering or giving in other important ways can improve the way you feel about yourself and others.
  7. Find Peace: Learn to be at peace with yourself and others. Get to know who you are and what brings you joy.
  8. Build a Positive Support Network: Seek and ask for help when you need it from friends and family. Find a Registered Clinical Counsellor who is right for you and can help you to nurture your mental health.


You Can Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence

Over the years many people have come to me for help with their self esteem. They say that they lack the confidence to do the things they really want to do in their lives. They feel dissatisfied with themselves and their lives. They are not happy. They have some desire to dream and plan, but lack the confidence to follow through. They restrict their daily lives and choices, and over time become more and more miserable.

How do you know your self esteem needs some building and boosting? Do any of these apply to you?

  • You dislike yourself generally, physically and/or otherwise
  • You often engage in negative self talk regarding yourself: e.g., personal characteristics.
  • Devaluing your personal abilities.
  • You don’t believe you are worthwhile or loveable.
  • Tend to put on a false front to impress others
  • Difficulty recognizing your strengths. You typically focus on your weaknesses and mistakes.
  • Accepting compliments from others is difficult.
  • Tolerate and stay in relationships in which others treat you badly.
  • You stay in situations in which you are unhappy.
  • Social difficulties: you decline social invitations and spend most of your time alone out of fear of being accepted or liked by others
  • Poor performance at work or school that is not relevant to your abilities
  • You are preoccupied with problems rather than solutions
  • You feel like a failure, and have difficulty getting past the feeling.

The good news is if you are reading this you have already taken a step towards building your self-esteem and confidence. Reaching out, for help, stems from the positive self worth and self confidence that is part of who you are right now. Welcome and congratulations.

I help individuals to understand their self esteem and related confidence problems; engage in specific activities to rebuild their sense of personal worth and gain the confidence to live a fulfilling and joyous life. It is my hope that you will raise your sense of self dignity and value; aspire to reach your goals and aspirations, and celebrate your achievements, talents and positive relationships.

I welcome your call or email to chat about your needs and how I can help you. Have a wonderful day.